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MyTale skins offers a wide range of easy to apply, removable and reusable skins for your smartphones.

These skins are made of a special quality vinyl imported from Belgium which does not leave glue marks when the vinyl is  removed from the surface even after 3-4 years.A usual sticking mechanism of any glue is by drying itself but MyTale skin’s glue never dries and that is why it is life time reusable. After being printed by world’s best vinyl printers, these skins are laminated with a stain and scratch proof laminate which also prevents the colors from fading. We have also taken utmost care  in precisely cutting the skin as per the mobile shape.

We proudly present to you MyTale Mobile Skins, a world class product, ‘Made in India‘ at an unbeatable price. We have started with models of  iPhone 4G, iPhone 3GS, Blackberry 8520 curve and Blackberry 8900. We will also introduce skins for other popular models very soon.


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iPhone 4G

MyTale iPhone 4G skins are removable, reusable and stain proof.


  • Rs. 285 each (no shipping charges)

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    iPhone 3GS

    MyTale iPhone 3GS skins are removable, reusable and stain proof.

    BlackBerry 8520

    MyTale BlackBerry 8520 skins are removable, reusable and stain proof.

    BlackBerry 8900

    MyTale BlackBerry 8900 skins are removable, reusable and stain proof.

  • Removable : The skin wont leave any glue mark on the surface even if you remove it after 3-4 years.
  • Reusable : You can reuse the skins again and again by reapplying it or exchanging with your friends.
  • Stain proof : Each skin is laminated with a stain proof coating which also protects color from fading.

  • Rs. 285 each (no shipping charges)

  • How to buy : Click on buy now and it will take you to our online ebay store. Ebay safeguards customer’s interests more than any other payment gateway. click here to read more. As soon as your payment is done we will call you to confirm your chosen design.
  • Have doubt ? : Call +91-8978743150, +91-7350754259
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